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We are a Mexican company specialized in the extraction of 100% raw, natural and fresh juices, made with local fruits and vegetables. We extract the juice through a cold press process and apply high pressure technology (HPP) to naturally extend shelf life, to guarantee food safety and to maintain essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

We distinguish ourselves by the elaboration of premium juice, which is not heat-pasteurized, does not contain added sugar, artificial colors or flavors.

We have more than 5 years of experience in the industry, which has allowed us to understand different markets and develop the best tasting products that meet the needs of global consumers.



To provide consumers located around the world with delicious juice that contains great nutritional value and the taste of Mexican high-quality produce, and in turn raise awareness about the importance of consuming fresh and natural foods that lead consumers to a healthier life.


To be a leading international company in the production and distribution of fruit and vegetable extracts, recognized for being updated in terms of new technologies for the development of new products that meet the needs of global consumers.




Our Technology

Cold Press

Refers to the process of extracting juice without using heat. This technology, unlike centrifugal extraction, prevents the oxidation of the ingredients and preserves the nutrients and the original flavor of fruits and vegetables.

High Pressure Processing (HPP)

Is a cold pasteurization technique by which products, already sealed in its final package, are introduced into a vessel and subjected to a high level of isostatic pressure (300–600MPa/43,500-87,000psi) transmitted by water.

Pressures above 400 MPa / 58,000 psi at cold (+ 4ºC to 10ºC) or ambient temperature inactivate the vegetative flora (bacteria, virus, yeasts, moulds and parasites) present in food, extending the products shelf life importantly and guaranteeing food safety. High Pressure Processing respects the sensorial and nutritional properties of food, because of the absence of heat treatment, and maintains its original freshness throughout the shelf-life.

HPP Advantages


Unlike flash pasteurization and pasteurization, the HPP process does NOT expose the product at high temperatures at any time. In this way, the original nutritional values ​​remain intact.

Shelf Life

Increases the regular shelf life of food and beverages, achieving a shelf life up to 10 times higher.


Improves the safety of food, because the process inactivates pathogens such as E-coli, Salmonella and Listeria.


The food and beverages that are submitted to the HPP process retain their natural flavor, color and texture; resulting in a fresher and more attractive product for consumers compared to pasteurized foods under heat.

Our Products

Made from fresh and local fruits

No concentrates

Clean label

Cold pressured

Never heated


Ready to drink or mix

Our Brands



Every day there are more people who want to get food quickly and easily without compromising the nutritional value and quality of the products. At HPP Foods MX we provide the retail industry with high quality products that will meet the requirements in terms of shelf life and customer needs. Through our production technology we will make the consumer feel what it is like to eat fresh food.


We all like to visit a restaurant where you can drink a fresh squeezed natural juice, or a guacamole made with 100% avocado pulp. At HPP Foods MX we work with the restaurant and foodservice industry to provide fresh and lasting products, with which they can prepare dishes that delight their customers. Using our products will also make the preparation process faster without compromising the quality of their dishes.


Nowadays the hospitality industry demands the best standards of quality in its food products. At HPP Foods MX we provide the hospitality industry with products endorsed by the most demanding Food and Beverage Directors and Chefs, whose objective is to provide its customers with the experience of tasting a freshly extracted fruits and vegetables.

Private Label

We understand the importance of having a brand that generates a connection with consumers. That is why we work hand in hand with our clients to form long-term alliances, giving them the opportunity to develop unique brands that can compete in national and international markets.


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